The Return

Everyone Nation Deserves a Second Chance

The Return Project

With the film as the centerpiece, THE RETURN PROJECT is designed to engage audiences beyond the viewing of the film alone, THE RETURN PROJECT is the vehicle through which supporters of THE RETURN can take actions to create impact and help reform our broken criminal justice system.  This dynamic engagement and impact campaign includes a series of short films for the New York Times, Mother Jones, The Marshall Project, and others; an interactive multimedia archive with audio, video, stills and text; educational curricula; a nation-wide prison screening tour, and more with the overarching goal of telling stories and informing audiences via a range of perspectives: the incarcerated and recently released; their family members; those who work in the criminal justice system including those who work in the justice system; reentry providers and experts; students; policy makers and others. THE RETURN PROJECT will spotlight the systemic problems that have led to unprecedented incarceration rates and will illuminate healthier, saner alternatives from mental health courts to sentencing reform to viable reentry programs and plans.

With Support From

  1. Britdoc
  2. California Humanities
  3. Chicago Media Project
  4. Chicken & Egg Pictures
  5. Film Maker Fund
  6. Fledgling Fund
  7. Ford Foundation
  8. Pare Lorentz
  9. Vital Projects Fund